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Apps in Research

On Monday I gave a presentation at the BASES Heads of Department Forum at Staffordshire University on using apps in research. You can download the presentation here. My take-home messages from the presentation were that (1) we need to do more studies on the validation of apps, particularly if they are going to be used for exercise prescription and in clinical use; (2) there are very exciting developments for using apps to recruit participants and collect data for research projects, such as Apple’s ResearchKit and IBM’s Watson Health Cloud, and (3) it’s not easy or cheap to develop apps for use in research projects. I firmly believe that there is considerable scope for both academic and community impact through the use of smartphone apps and other wearable computers. For example, it is estimated that by next year more than 2 billion people around the world will own a smartphone. Although I will continue to conduct research in sport, my growing research focus over the coming years will be the use of technology in physical activity and health. If you’re interested in this type of research then do get in touch.