Academia, Technology

Hello world

Welcome to my new blog. Here I’ll be writing about academia, sport science, technology, programming, and anything else really that I’m interested in. I’ve just taken delivery of a new Macbook Pro, so thought it would be an ideal opportunity to start writing. I bought a nice little app from the Mac AppStore called Byword, which uses a plain-text based language called Markdown. Markdown makes it easy to focus on the content rather than formatting. The blog is being hosted on WordPress, and together with the Byword app on Mac and iPhone, it means I can write wherever, whenever I like. There are clear advantages to writing within a minimal environment rather than bloated apps like Word, and already I’m enjoying the experience. Check it out for yourself. I’m also keen to explore how Markdown and Byword could be used to write an academic paper, and based on others experience, citations and footnotes might need some experimentation.

Along with my other social media endeavors, I’m very keen to write more long-form pieces about my experiences within academia. There’s a lot to get off my chest. Hearing about my journey might also be useful to those who follow.



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